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Our community of music makers, music teachers, learners and business creators provide the most unique perspective in the role of music in our lives.

This blog is about playing music - learning, practicing, getting better, keeping it fresh, and stretching the ears. We start by focusing on guitar and keyboards, but, like Jerry Garcia said, “The music is the most important thing. and the guitar is only the instrument.”

The Practice Room is sponsored by WorkshopLive, a new company created by the people who operate the National Guitar Workshop, the country’s largest summer music program. WorkshopLive is changing the way the world learns by providing online music lessons. The National Guitar Workshop also inspired the creation of two additional companies DayJams and Workshop Arts publications.

The Practice Room will mix news about WorkshopLive with personal experience (ours and yours) from the practice room, plus tips and suggestions from the many, many teachers in the WorkshopLive family. And, just to lighten things up, we’ll have some distractions – cool guitars, trivia, etc. Some of what we write here will eventually show up within WorkshopLive. And of course, we’ll be encouraging you to check it out for yourself when the time comes. Workshop Arts, DayJams and the National Guitar Workshops will all get the occasional plug. And some of what we write will just be for this blog. We’ll try to keep things clear.

There will be many contributors from the projects named above who will share this space. Playing music, especially for us non-pros, can be as frustrating as it is enjoyable. Let's share our resources for making music.