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Mr. SG

For those of us who love American music, New Orleans is as close to sacred ground as there is. It is stunning to think that this amazing city has to be evacuated. I can't imagine what rebuilding it will entail. But it's not too soon to start thinking about returning for a visit. Music is in the blood of New Orleans, and musicians need audiences.


Consider this from another perspective. Ever wonder how many great instruments were just lost in the disaster? Vintage guitars, horns, pianos, etc? Many of these are irreplacable. Their loss will be felt more in years to come than now. It's just worth a moment of thought as we go by it now. The people are more important and the reclamation of the city and so on, etc, etc, but let's not completely forget the instruments.

Mr. SG

Not only the vintage instruments - all the student-level instruments that kids learn on are also gone.


Yes that is true, and so are the schools they go to.

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