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Mr. SG

"Get out of the way" means two things for me and my playing. One is about practice: I look at the problems I'm trying to solve through practice - mechanical problems, gaps in knowledge, etc. - as obstacles that I have to "get out of the way" so that I have a clear path when I play. And since they're my own obstacles, I'm really just getting out of my own way.

The other meaning has to do with concentration. To some people concentration has the sense of bearing down hard with the mind, but to me it's just the opposite -it's letting go of distractions, worries, stray thoughts, etc., so that my mind is empty of everything except what I'm trying to accomplish. Once again, I'm trying to "get out of my own way" to let something have free passage.

What that something is - whether it's inside me or beyond me, whether it's coming out of me or through me - I don't know. I'm just getting out of the way.

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