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Mr. SG

Music is not a product of the music industry; it's the other way around. People will make (and listen to) music regardless of whether the industry thrives or suffers. I'd be interested to hear if people think the music business has been a net plus or a net minus for (a) music and (b) all of us.


The Music Business has been broken for so long that calls for its repair are as timely as giving dancing lessons to Zombies. It's dead. It ain't ever going to dance, let alone ever get a date.

Jazz artists can't make a living in the genre's country of origin. Blues falls in and out of fashion, quicker than hemlines change. Rock has been in the hands of lawyers and ad men for 30 years. And musicians have never gotten their fair share from record companies.

Let me pose a different idea. There is no Music Industry. Just like, there is no Painting Industry and there is no Fiction Industry. There are definitely companies that exploit the arts. Just like, there are companies that exploit other natural resources. They are just more tangible commodities. Music, Art, and Storytelling are elemental. They have always been around and they will always be around. The fact that people are making more or less money from them is cyclical.

What is fascinating to me is that more people than ever are buying musical instruments. Both here and aboard musical instrument sales are up. In a country that has decimated its school music programs, brass, string and woodwind sales are up. Go figure.

If you want to do something constructive:
1) Go out to live music venues (any size will do)
2) Put a tip in the tip jar
3) Buy a CD from the stage
4) Send the piano player a drink
5) AND MUST IMPORTANTLY, don't talk all the way through the set. Listen for a change.

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