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One can never have too much Duke Ellington. The best we can do is buy our young relatives and friends just this kind of music. I have given my nephew, 3 years old, lots of traditional jazz and roots rock acoustic live bootlegs.

I also recommend "starter" collections like Putamayo label releases. Once the youth of today are introduced to this old music, they'll find so much referred material through search engines, subscription services like Rhapsody and Yahoo Music.

Some one has to take the first step. Jazz needs you!!

Mr. SG

Compilations from our own collections are good, too, especially for young up-and-comers in the family. Sometimes kids will give something more consideration if it has that personal connection.

Jon Coates

I think that the digital technology (mp3s, Internet, etc) have the potential to bring us even closer to our musical roots.

With FAQ sections and blogs becoming increasingly popular in websites, famous musicians have the opportunity to communicate directly with their fans.

A great example of this can be found on Marcus Miller's website ( I can read about his philosophies on playing and writing music, his equipment, and most importantly, the music that inspired him to play.

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