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Mike Thomas

I have been playing keyboard instruments for many years now. All of my instruction was using the traditional approach or face to face with a teacher.

My plan is to learn the bass guitar and for the first time I will not be using a live teacher, which will clearly be different and a new experience for me. I believe a very postive experience as well.

At my age, I am not very excited about getting in front of a teacher to give her the opportunity to hear how awful I can sound as I learn a new instrument. Of course I know music after studying keyboard instruments. However, I do not know how to play a bass guitar and will need instruction. I am very happy that I can learn to play without "getting naked" so to speak and showing my imperfections. (The few that I have). WorkshopLive is a product that will never laugh at its user; snicker when awful noises are made
or tell others about an encounter with a wanna be musician who should try something other than learn how to play bass guitar.

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