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Nothing like it and nothing like him.... when will we see another like him?


I tell ya, as an adult student, finding the time and dedication to practice is tough. But when I do practice, even just a half hour each day, it makes the difference. (and I don't feel as guilty...)


You hate it because of the hold it has on you. Music makes you sacrifice time, sleep, money (taking a shot at "making it" isn't cheap), relationships (ever date someone who "didn't get" music?). You spend weekends going to concerts and live shows, and some months you spend more on lessons, instruments, and tickets than you do on groceries. You seriously consider buying an RV because it would be more comfortable at folk festivals than a tent.

Or maybe that's why you love it too.


I've seen Julian Bream, the legendary British classical guitarist, actually hit his guitar during a performance. Usually, those moments come frustration. We've all been there...

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