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John Ross

Digital music will revive the single, just like the $.60 45s I grew up on. Digital music will also allow immediate access for new music fanatics to the entire history of music. Someone mentions the subdudes, 30 seconds you can buy their music and then buy more and then download their podcasts and then tell your friends about them.



There's so much out there for the unannointed. Yes, the single is back, the vehicle is the download and you get to preview as many as you want in the virtual music store.


I read that artical and Jeff's comments while standing in Hudson's News in Grand Central this weekend. It does seem like there are no new guitar heros. It also seems like that would be a hard level to attain now. So much ground has already been broken, it's hard to imagine what will be next. But I guess that's what genious is all about. If I could imagine it, I'd go do it! Someone better and more imaginative will have to come along and show us all the way.

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