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A note from Myles S. Rose:

"Thanks for the writeup.

"For your info ... for any folks in the So Cal area ... I would be happy to check out any of their amps and bias the amp if necessary at no charge.

"I also tend to loan out gear at no charge for folks that need something for a gig or session if they need something they do not have or are coming to L.A. from somewhere else and do not want to ship or bring stuff out this way.

"On anything on my website ... to my thinking, the Internet is public domain.... that is, if you do not want it distributed you should not have it on the net. Therefore ... anything on my site may be copied, pasted, edited and reused in any way somebody wants to use it, they can post it, distribute it, sell it, or whatever they want to do with it ... take credit for it, put their name to it or anybody's name, or whatever.

"Have a great day.


scottsdale limousine service

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