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I think putting the iPod in shuffle mode can take ecclectic into another dimension. Nothing like listening to disparate pieces of music one after the other. It's the auditory equivalent of pizza and orange juice.


Shuffle mode can lead to strange and sometimes interesting musical experiences, but an esoteric playlist can have much more effect, if it's well-crafted. Just check out any episode of Schickele's Mix by Peter Schickele (P.D.Q. Bach). I particularly liked the show about accordions.

Mr. SG

Pandora (The Music Genome Project) is an internet radio station that selects its playlist based on your own musical likes and dislikes. It's very cool.


Try this: create a playlist with an ecclectic mix of music you really love - different genres, tempos, moods, instruments - set it to shuffle, then get on the stairmaster and pace yourself according to each song. With the right mix you are guaranteed a high powered interval training session that varies each time and keeps you motivated. (Be sure to include proper warm up and cool down!)

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