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Johnn Dale

The Gibson L1 offered for sale looks very similar to the one in the portrait however I tend to agree with comments on various sites that the one in the portrait is more worn than the one offered for sale.
My first argument is the way lacquer is applied to guitars. The wood is first sealed then a colour coat is applied and then clear top coats If you look at the portrait photo, the treble side of the upper bout shows a very dark area followed by a lighter area and finally a white area. This occurs as you wear through the clear coat then the colour coat and finally reach the wood
The explanation given for this is lighting. My second point is that some of the brightness could be from lighting however the light is coming from the wrong direction. Look at the shadows on his fingers. The guitar is pointing away from the light source there.for unlikely to reflect the light. I would need to examine the negative of the portrait and the guitar to as there could be damage on the negative
The arguments given by the sales people is insufficient to convince me. I have been a Luthier for 30 years and have researched and worked with historical instruments in England and Europe.
I would be interested in other professional opinions.

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