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You wrote awhile back how we speak with somewhat the same voice over at CybersMusic, but, I guess in this case we just differ.

I like it.

I have always enjoyed listening to things out of context, its like Michael Hedges doing Jimi Hendrix. (Which I also enjoy)


I think you are envious.


I'm certainly envious of his technique, and I give him all the credit in the world for it. You don't get where he is as a player without lots of hard work.

But I find the original canon dull and repetitive, and I think, once the novelty wears off, it's still dull and repetitive with funtwo's guitar playing - accomplished as it is - on top. Maybe if he had tried the Beethoven Violin Concerto?

I enjoy hearing novel approaches to familiar music; maybe this music is just too familiar.

Anyway, that's why they make chocolate and vanilla.

PS: And another thing: Flashy guitar playing doesn't always equal good music.


Oh come on, the guy practiced and had fun. Give him his 15min of fame. I wouldn't mind playing at that level.

No different than someone tackling Flight of the Bumblebee...


All right, already! The kid's a whiz! Pass the kool-aid!

These kids and their rock and roll - what's the world coming to? Makes me want to hear Benny Goodman again (now, there's a musician...)


Geeze...I think you guys are being a little too serious about this.

I mean, come on, the kid isn't launching some world-wide marketing campaign. He's not trying to promote his new Shredder E.P.

Why bash him on song choice? I just see him as a kid who is proud of the time he put in to his guitar practice. Maybe he doesn't have the extensive classical library that you have, and his knowledge/experience of classical music is limited. Who cares?

I, for one, enjoyed the vid., and found it quite musical. He's just a kid, and there are mistakes, maybe even song selection mistakes, but I'm suprised you felt compelled to comment on this.

Maybe it's the music teacher in you, but don't you think it's more productive to accentuate and encourage the positive than to nit-pick on the negative?

You need to get used to the fact that people as a whole, don't have nearly the refined musical pallete that you do...they just hear or see something, and they like it. They don't take it any further than that. Why should that bother you? That's what gives you YOUR place in the world...your advanced musical use your powers for GOOD, superhero, not EVIL.


Right, if it was Yngve Malmsten... we'd be laughing. (as long as it was with a bad accent...)


Makes you want to hear Benny Goodman again?

You have to be driven to this?

Benny was an original, I always thought he did not get the credit he deserved for inpsiring a whole new sound and era.

How many youngsters would put the time into learning a classical piece of any sort?

Most of them want instant success from learning a tab in a few minutes!


I probably do take this kind of stuff too seriously.

I'm going to take pixelbox's advice and focus on the good stuff from here on out. Rock on, funtwo! (And if you feel the urge, check out Beethoven and Benny Goodman.)


Great guys, we finally have a blog post with a slew of comments! This poor guitar-wiz-kid, he probably thinks "What have I done wrong?" Well, he's done a lot right, he got over 7 million viewers on his page, I wish we could say that (with a Swiss accent).

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