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Mr. SG

FRom an essay called "Red Music" by Czech novelist Josef Svorecky:

"...but of course, when the lives of individuals and communities are controlled by powers that themselves remain uncontrolled--slavers, czars, fuhrers, first secretaries, marshals, generals and generalissimos, ideologists of dictatorships at either end of the spectrum--then creative energy becomes a protest.

Jazz was a sharp thorn in the sides of the power-hungry men, from Hitler to Brezhnev, who successively ruled in my native land."


Truth and Justice! it's the American... wait. What happened? Do I have to march in lockstep? oh poop.


The land of the free... speech? What is the difference between George W. Bush and Fidel Castro? Castro is an intelligent man who can TALK and think. What do they have in common? They won't tolerate different opinions.


I don't think Mr. Bush is the bad guy in this story. The intolerant music fans deserve a pie in the face for over-reacting, of course, but it's the corporate response that bothers me. According to the Chicks, at least, the radio station blacklisting is mostly top-down, driven by orders from a few corporations that own lots of local radio stations. The bland, tame, repetetive, mid-tempo fluff these companies program as music is bad enough; now they're trying to stop people from expressing opinions, even though the opinions weren't expressed on their stations.

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