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The Garland Family

Please check out the Offical Hank "Sugarfoot" Garland MYSpace.
Watch the Movie trailer for the soon to be released Major Motion Film "Crazy".
It is a brillant Produced moive with 10 years of research and love by all for Hank Garland and his Legeacy that will 'Live Forever' in countless songs, sounds, pick up, design's of the first short scale, the first sterio guitar, the first thin line used for Rock and Roll. etc.
As Elvis Presley quoted in the " Blue Hawaii Benefit Show for the USS Arizona, quote " would like to introduce the members of my gang, laugh, My Band, the finest guitarist anywhere in the Country, Mr. Hank Garland on guitar" in quote. Elvis Presley and Hank Garland remained very close friends. They loved one another very much and came from the same back ground, cut from the good cloth! Talent from God and from the "Soul". The Hank Garland Family

Becky Shaw

I just ran across this movie. I would love to see it. Is it out on dvd? Was it ever released? I hope someone out there can help me find this movie.


I tried to find out more info.. as far as I know it has never been released. Probably complications with the music rights.


Actually I clicked on The Garland Family from that June 30th post, the movie is wrapped and due out this year. I'm looking forward to it.

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