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I wish I could afford all those pedals on that pedalboard , especially the Line 6 DL4 Delay. My friend bought one from , I want one too since it provides for 3 programmable presets and an onboard Tap Tempo control, 14 seconds of sample-loop memory, true bypass switching, an expression-pedal input for realtime control of all effects settings, and stereo inputs and outputs. Very nice! I like!


You asked "So, Brian, I have two questions:

- who carries it?

- who changes all the batteries?
Cartage carries it daily to the location. All power is provided by voodoo labs units, no batteries.
Brian Wampler


Guitar is the one i choose when playing music.

Music Lover

Wow,Amazing!! OK, I'm new at this. What is the difference between a dynamic wah and a vox wah?
I love what effects pedals do to the sound of our music.

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