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Left Handed Guitar

Good post! I found a fake left handed Gibson last year! I'm a lefty player and can't find a lot of left handed models, especially Gibson. I found a knock-off that turns out Gibson didn't make a left handed version! I didn't find that out until later, but an obvious way to spot a fake! :)

John Webster

Awesome post man! I love my guitar so much that i would die if i got hold of a fake one! So thanks for the info - good one to have in the back of my head next time shopping for a guitar. My new website is up about tuners - take a look - usefull?

Left Handed Guitar Place

There are a lot of Gibson fakes out there. Many of them come from China. When contacting Chinese suppliers for my Left Handed Guitar shop, I sometimes have to convince them their guitars are good enough to be sold as is, without having to put the fake logos and get involved in copyright violation.


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Logo Design

Hay i love to play guitar, i have gibson and as you said it's not a fake one. I like the gibson's logo design on my guitars head stock.Thanks for sharing guys.

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I found a knock-off that turns out Gibson didn't make a left handed version! I didn't find that out until later

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So I have been playing for around 6 months and been taking lessons, but still there are only a handful of songs I can play through. I know some like Purple Haze, but certain parts I just can't play yet, yet I can play through a number of Beatles and U2 songs easily. I also know parts of Crazy Train, Back In Black, and Iron Man. I am still working on being able to play all these songs through, but I was wondering what are some easier songs to expand my repertoire while I continue to work on these hard ones.

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I didn't find that out until later, but an obvious way to spot a fake! :)

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What are the factors that make one guitar easier to play than another? I play guitar and I've noticed that some guitars are just easier to play.

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Speaking of wacked out, what the hell was Michelle doing wearing a pair of $540 designer tennis shoes to this event? Adding insult to injury I guess... Now the homeless are getting free mushroom risotto?! I wonder what wine they were serving?

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