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I never thought about it that way, but I guess it would be strange to be playing for 100 people in the audience, when really millions are at home watching. I wonder if that's nerve racking? I think it would be!

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Why do Country Music Writers Have a hard time getting their works out there and picked up by a star?
As a ASCAP 4 X's Award winning Songwriterwriter I find it even harder to get my works out to the Public. Everything costs so much now days and I believe people don't understand what it takes in work and so on to be heard and backed.

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Do singers actually know the meaning of their songs or do they just sing the songs that song writers write?
Do singers actually know the meaning of their songs or do they just sing the songs that song writers write? And do they actually write their own songs in the first place?? Shania Twain's song, "Ka-Ching" has a lot of true meanings in it, but I doubt she knew half the things she sang in that song... That's just one example though...

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I have this concert video and guitar sound is not clear.

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How unfortunate i am to missed the show!


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