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Kirk Downing

This is an excellent guitar resource. I'm going to go ahead and bookmark it for future use. Thanks!

La Jolla Homes

Great resource! I will tell my guitar frinds about this site.

Steven Davies

I am anxious to see his song writing tips online.
This is really great resource.


He was really cool, I think he spoiled us for other artists. Joe would do almost whatever we asked. And he was so laid back about it.

Real real nice guy.

Ricky Sharples

A great experience to get into the head of a true innovator.

learning to play guitar

never had time to learn to play the guitar when i was young. I am 43 now , i have been trying to master it but i guess my fingers cannot adapt. How i wish there was guitar lessons for old folks like me


Um... there are! It's called Thousands and thousands of lessons on your schedule. These are the real deal, no cheesy YouTube, watch me do this type of lesson.

Biggest hurdle you have is giving yourself permission to practice. It's all about the hours of playing, not the years. Try Workshoplive out for a week at and let me know how it goes.

You're only 43, imagine how good you'll be in a few months.



Excellent resources! Thanks for the efforts!!



Hi. In the future I'm going to keep here links to their sites. But I do not worry about the sites where my link is removed. So if you do not want to see a mountain of links, simply delete this message. After 2 weeks, I will come back and check.

logo design

The good thing about your information is that it is explicit enough for students to grasp. Thanks for your efforts in spreading academic knowledge.

logo Christmas cards

Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!

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