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nina marks

hey, I played for this little mike night and these folks at Workshop live are a bunch of sweeties, so supportive and generous with the performers, it was really a pleasure to participate, as well as hear all the good local talent at Dottie's hotspot


It was FUN!

Guitar Rock

I'd Like to submit myself for the contest. Here is a video of me playing:


@monk: ideed it was FUNNY!

hey... i`ll send you an email

Nursing apparel

trully indeed it was fun! :D


Thank you for sharing the George Benson video, I enjoyed watching it. I had the pleasure of seeing George play live in Marbella, when I was on holiday, and I have to say he was brilliant. As a guitarist myself, George gives me the inspiration to continue trying to play better. I believe that a guitarist never stops learning.

medieval clothing

wow! i think this is an awesome day for you and it seems that you really had fun


I would love to go but I think it came quite late, no? To see if for the next etnero me before and I can spend.

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