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cooooool.... :)


Very cool, geaorge is a legend when it comes to good music. Can't wait to see more..

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Our very own master instructor and jazz virtuoso Jody Fisher plays host to these amazing lessons.

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Baritone Roy Wilbur (AVA class of 1983) has also made his home in Philadelphia since his graduation from AVA. Roy quickly moved into arts administration

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Can a music education student teach only music history in the schools upon completion of a BME?
I am a music education student and really enjoy music history, or as it is now known as musicology. I want to know can I teach only Music History in the public schools (Or be a clinican) to the public schools in Music History?. How can I go about this?. I would appreciate advice from a music teacher in the public school system or other music teachers. No jokes, serious only please. Thank you.

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Awesome Lounge, i wish i can be there.

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What a great player!

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Man I love hollow body guitars like that. Do you have a larger photo?

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After reading EB's comment (Kudos for putting that truth out there.) I wonder if the answer to getting students to dive deeper into resources is to use wikipedia as a starting point and a platform to dive deeper from?


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